The All-in-One Platform for Building and Deploying Web Apps

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Outerbase is an all-in-one platform for building and deploying modern web applications. With Outerbase, developers can:

  • Build full-stack web apps using prebuilt components and customizable templates

  • Manage the entire development lifecycle in one place - code, deploy, manage

  • Deploy to any cloud with just one click

  • Have everything needed to build production-ready apps - hosting, databases, CDN, and more

Outerbase provides developers with everything they need to build and deploy modern web applications, without the hassle of managing infrastructure. Here are some of the main things developers can build with Outerbase:

CRM Applications

Outerbase makes it simple to build customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Developers can use:

  • Form builders to create customer profiles, contact forms, and surveys

  • Databases to store customer data

  • Authentication to manage user accounts

  • Email integration to send marketing emails and notifications

An example would be a CRM for a small business to manage leads, contacts, and customers in one place.

E-commerce Stores

Outerbase comes with prebuilt e-commerce templates that developers can customize to build online stores selling both physical and digital products. Features include:

E-commerce template:
- Product catalogs
- Shopping carts
- Checkout forms
- Payment integrations  
- Order management

Developers can build everything from simple online stores to complex enterprise e-commerce solutions with Outerbase.

APIs and Microservices

Outerbase provides a serverless architecture for building and deploying APIs and microservices. Developers can:

  • Expose data and business logic as RESTful APIs

  • Integrate with third-party services using API integrations

  • Orchestrate microservices using functions

  • Scale automatically based on traffic

This makes Outerbase a great platform for building API-driven applications.

Web Applications

Of course, Outerbase can be used to build any type of web application. Developers have access to:

  • Template engines for quickly scaffolding apps

  • Prebuilt UI components

  • Databases for managing data

  • Authentication providers

  • Hosting, CDN, and more infrastructure services

Developers can build everything from simple sites to complex web apps using Outerbase.

In conclusion, Outerbase provides developers with a comprehensive platform for building and deploying modern web applications. From CRMs and e-commerce stores to APIs and microservices - developers have the tools they need to create innovative web apps, without the hassle of managing infrastructure.