Books Every Indie Hacker Should Read

Books Every Indie Hacker Should Read

The learnings we gather stick with us, even when we've lost track of their origin. Just like the knowledge of learning how to read and write, despite not recalling the learning process. Similarly, every book we read, expands our brain's repo, and you won't even notice it! When we least expect it, we find ourselves sharing opinions, fun facts, or knowing things we didn't realize we'd learned.

However, with millions of books out there, it's easy to get lost and waste precious time. As indie hackers, if you're like me... you probably don't have a lot to waste, right?

Recognizing that the most valuable insights are worth revisiting. I would rather master one key concept twice than learn something new and fleeting.

Reading something for the first time provides us with a thrilling sense of discovery — the "WOW!" experience. But, let's agree that true transformation from ideas to actionable steps, which can ultimately change your life, usually requires revisiting those ideas.

The chances are, the most beneficial reading material for you is something you've already perused. I'm a strong believer in the power of being a jack of all trades in your career, social skills, and on a personal level. To master something valuable and important, reading and rereading your top 100 books plays a big factor.

In keeping with this idea, the list below includes a collection of books (as well as tweets, essays, talks, and so forth) that have proven their worth by standing up to multiple readings for me. Maybe some of them will do the same for you.

📚 Book List

That is it for this article. Hope this gives you a big inspiration and lessons that you can apply in your indie hacker journey ⚒️

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